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The Pros and Cons of a Private College Consultant

Getting into college can be tough these days. According to IvyWise, college acceptance rates in 2014 fell to an all-time low of 5.07% meaning colleges are very selective in who they admit. The competition is fierce. So fierce, in fact, parents are flocking to private college consultants to help their children get admitted to their […]


5 Natural Remedies to Cure a Kid’s Earache

This is a sponsored post… An earache can sound like serious business for a parent: their kid’s in pain and while the cause may be something benign like Otitis (either of the middle ear or the outer ear), it still looks worrying. When a child complains of pain inside their ear, either because of a […]


Parents and Homework

This is a Sponsored Post… I guess everyone has been to school and knows pretty well how hard is the path of studying. Therefore, the educational system of USA suggests that parents should help kids with their homework. So, Homework-desk.com decided to check out how parents manage to tackle their kids homework. It turns out […]


5 Lessons Learned from Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that beautiful phase in your life when regardless of whom you know or don’t, everyone throws pearls of wisdom your way. Your mother becomes your doctor on call, your best friend becomes your personal mommy-stylist and the supermarket attendant, a dietary expert. Everyone will tell you what the journey to motherhood is going […]


Getting a New Window Treatment for Your Home

You might be considering treating the windows of your home with some new blinds. If this is the case you first need to determine whether you want to treat all of the windows on your home or if you want to treat only certain windows in your home. You also need to figure out how […]


Top 5 Ideas to Stay Active with Kids

Living in a family with kids means they are always your center of attention. But should prioritizing kids come at the cost of your health and general well being? Not at all. As you will learn in this article, it is perfectly possible to take care of your growing kids without neglecting your physical (and […]


6 Simple Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Decorating your yard for Christmas can get expensive and time consuming. You can’t just not decorate for Christmas this year, though! Why not cut out the hard work and big price tags and use one of these simple outdoor Christmas decoration ideas instead? Mason Jar Lighting Recycling mason jars to use in your holiday decor […]


3 Reasons Working Moms Need an MBA

There are plenty of obstacles that prevent working mothers from starting their MBA, let alone completing it. It’s because of these pre-conceived notions that many women who strive to improve their career options won’t begin to look at their opportunities. How can one complete an advanced degree all while trying to balance work, family, and […]


On The Move with Boys Scooters

Not long ago, scooters were considered a passing fad. But today, they are an ever-present fixture on pavements, in playgrounds and even at skate parks. Boys of all ages have gone mad for these push-powered modes of transportation thanks to their ease of use, range of designs and perhaps most importantly, street cred. Therefore, parents […]


HISTORY: How Life Has Changed for the Working Woman

This is a guest post… A look at how life has changed for the working woman over the years As horrible as the World War II was, that was really a turning point for women. With the men off at war, women needed to step in and work the factory jobs to keep getting supplies […]

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