The Importance of Sitting Down Together for Family Meals

I grew up in a home that had a consistent daily family meal time.  My mom usually had dinner ready by 5:00pm and we were always required to come home for dinner no matter where we were at the time.  And we did not just grab our food and eat separately somewhere in the house – we all sat down together to have our dinner.

Sometimes it was annoying, especially when I wanted to be out playing with my friends.  But looking back, I can see how important it was.  That was the time when we talked about our day and we had no choice but to listen to eachother and bond as a family.  It was only my brother and I along with my mom and dad.  But I feel that no matter how big or small a family is, it is important to set aside time together – and what better time than at dinner?

I do understand that some families have busy schedules.  Spouses may work late, kids may have sports.  But if there are days when everyone is going to be home, then you can always work having a family meal time into the schedule.

Do you have a family meal time?  Or do you find it difficult with your family’s schedule?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. says

    Hi Dawn,

    Enjoyed your post on family meals. In fact, your views on the importance of family meals are reflected in a great deal of research, that’s shown a clear link between eating together and a multitude of mental, physical and social benefits for children and families.

    We recently added to this research in a study that explored the feelings and emotions behind family meals. Here’s a link to the study:

    If you’d like more information on the research, or tips on how to reconnect family, food and fun, you should check out the free resources available at

    Kind regards,

    Nick Black
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  2. Angela Bailey says

    Twitter: theladya
    My boyfriend and I and our 2 kids sit down at the table for dinner every evening between 5 to 5:30 p.m. We too talk about our school/work day and we also talk to our kids about ways to keep safe in this crazy world at this time as well. We talk about fun things too like movies and sports too. There never seems to be a quiet moment at our table. When I was a kid though everyone at a different times and at different places in the house like the kitchen or the living room and we rarely had meals together and when we did we certainly didn’t talk about much. I think it is important just to talk with your kids, even if it is about something that no one else would care about.


  3. says

    We enjoy our family meals as it gives us a chance to connect. We do various things to keep the fiddles at bay and get everyone talking like dinner games or conversation cards. I grew up where meal times were important and at the weekends could go on for a long time. My husband isn’t always there due to work but we still sit together. My oldest said the other day.. “Why do we talk so much at dinner?” I think it sums everything up about us.
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