Fun Bonding Ideas For Couples

Oftentimes, couples can become complacent in their relationships the longer they have been together. The honeymoon phase of their partnership is years past and they have gotten into a boring routine.

What once was passionate love has turned into more of a room-mate situation and they feel like they don’t even know their partner anymore. How do you get that spark back? What can you do to get to know your spouse on a deeper level and remember why you are together in the first place? First, you have to let go of any inhibitions that could be holding you back. Remember what it was like to just hold hands and be excited to be around each other.


Share Your Secrets

Grab your partner and go on a long drive or pack a picnic and find a secluded corner of the park. Take turns talking about things that you never would have considered bringing up before. Name three legitimate fears and talk to your partner about how and why they became fears for you. Have your partner do the same. Swap ideas on what you would tell your 15 year old self if you could go back in time. Share 10 things you hope to be remembered for when you die.

It can feel as if you and your spouse have lost touch with each other on a personal level. Talking about the what-ifs of life will bring the two of you closer.


Make A Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list full of adventures they want to go on and places they want to see. Forget about that one for a day and come up with a silly one for just you and your spouse. Include things like dressing up as your own version of a super-hero and stopping one petty crime together-like littering. If you and your spouse are not that adventurous just write one up together and do something fun that you’ve never done before, like cook up a Moroccan feast.


Spice Up Date Night

Nothing says boring routine relationship like a lack of alone time with your spouse. Even your date nights have become something to get out of the way rather than something to look forward to and enjoy.

Consider one of these fun and unique dates for you and your partner next time you are considering suffering through yet another comic book movie.


Intellectual Stimulation

Go to a bookstore and browse the shelves with your spouse. Have a deep discussion about your favorite authors and why they are your favorite.  Leave little inspiring notes in your favorite books for future readers to see.


A New Identity (just for the afternoon, of course!)

Instead of heading to your local diner or bar like you always do, drive somewhere several hours away and eat somewhere completely new.  Use fake names and accents and have fun with your partner while the two of you come up with complete life stories for your characters.


Stick Close to Home

You don’t even have to go out to have a fun date with your partner.  Just rent a movie you’ve never seen before and snuggle at home.

Put the movie on mute and take turns coming up with dialogue for the characters. Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to relationships.

Feeling like you don’t know your partner anymore can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Or maybe you are a new couple and want to get to know each other for the first time. Either way, these tips and ideas are sure to get you right back on track to a long, happy and fulfilling relationship.


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